Come visit us at the end of the rail and Touch the Edge of the Arctic!

Pick up your free ‘Town of Moosonee Visitor Information Guide‘ at the Town Office, located at 5 First Street.   Also available at the Town Office, for purchase, are a selection of souvenirs with the Town of Moosonee Logo, including polo shirts & t-shirts, pins, baseball hats, travel mugs, and postcards.


Our area provides beautiful views of the Moose River, stunning sunrises, sunsets and moonrises.  Excellent opportunities for wildlife and other viewing interests.  Many nights during the year, you may experience spectacular views of the Northern Lights.  Specific attractions include:

  • Railcar Museum (open July & August) – located on First Street
  • MNR Interpretative Centre (open July & August) – located on Revillion Road
  • Christ the King Cathedral Church – located on First Street
  • Anglican Church – located on Revillion Road
  • James Bay Education Ctr (Mon. – Fri.) – located on First Street

You can also take part in fishing, hunting, camping and other outdoor adventures.  Beluga whale and seal watching are other enjoyable activities.  The best time to see them is during the spring and fall seasons when they are most abundant.

For further information about tourism please email us at: [email protected]