The Municipal Elections Act requires that each candidate in a municipal election shall file a financial statement and auditor’s report with the Clerk.

No auditor’s report if the total contributions received and total expenses incurred are equal to or less than $10,000.

The Act also states that the required documents be made available to the public on the Internet.

Failure to file the required documents within the prescribed time limit results in penalties under the Municipal Election Act:

(a) The candidate forfeits any office to which he or she was elected and the office is deemed to be vacant; and
(b) Until the next regular election has taken place, the candidate is ineligible to be elected or appointed to any office to which this Act applies.

Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report (Form 4) for the 2014 Municipal Election.


Mitchell, Alfred Victor – View Statement
Smoke, James – View Statement
Soltys, Janice – In Default
Taipale, Wayne – View Statement


Auger, John – View Statement
Butcher, Gordon – In Default
Gravel, Bob – View Statement
Grom, Richard J. – In Default
Miller, Kevin ( Buck) – View Statement
Moore, John O. – View Statement
Regular, Roger – View Statement
Taylor, Linda – In Default
Tozer, Carman – View Statement
Uiselt, Lucille – In Default


Glenesk, Donna – View Statement
Innes, Lynne – View Statement
Mitchell – Sandra – View Statement
Reuben, Kelly – View Statement
Ross, Dwight – View Statement
Sangestini, Katelin – In Default